Looking Ahead to a Fresh Plan for the New Year

New Year sparkler

The possibilities are endless for your nutrition science dream!

As I tell my nutrition clients, looking ahead and planning are key to their success with establishing healthier eating habits. Take breakfast. When you plan to eat an orange + bowl of oatmeal with drizzle of honey & walnuts + cup of yogurt + hot coffee or tea, and write it down, your chances of eating a nutritious breakfast are better.
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4 Problems That Can Be Treated With Food


When most people hear “nutrition science”, “nutritionist”, or “dietitian”, they typically assume these terms refer solely to dieting and weight loss. But the subject of nutrition science covers a broad range of topics and more narrowly defined specializations. It’s true that all nutritionists and dietitians know a great deal about weight loss, but there are tons of other aspects to good nutrition than just “dieting”.
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