When to Teach Your Kids About Nutrition

Kids nutrition fruit

Kids are like little sponges ready to soak up good nutrition.


Kids are like little sponges soaking up all kinds of experiences that in time turn into behaviors that in time turn into habits. This is definitely true when nutrition is the theme and as the saying goes — the younger, the better. In other words, the younger kids are when they begin learning about healthy foods and enjoying them, the more they will benefit throughout their lives.

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What is Mediterranean Nutrition All About?

2018 Mediterranean foods

These Mediterranean foods are super tasty!

There are many directions to go with regard to nutrition. With a ton of information coming at us day-by-day, it’s never been more confusing to make sense out of which path to follow. The annual rankings for best overall diets from US News & World Report, a credible source, recently announced a tie for first place in 2018 between the Mediterranean Diet and DASH Diet. A health and nutrition expert panel came to their decision after carefully considering 40 diets and ranking them for characteristics such as how easy they are to follow, how safe they are, and whether they are effective in helping those who wish to lose weight in these efforts – short and long term. Of the recommended diets, Mediterranean nutrition wins top honors with its bonus of health benefits. Here is an in-depth look at a variety of science-based aspects of Mediterranean nutrition along with the Mediterranean Food Pyramid.

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Soup to Start the New Year

Soup to Start the New Year

Making soup at home is fun and rewarding!

If it were up to me, soup would be the #1 food trend for every New Year. With so many trendy foods in the media headlines these days, my choice circles back around to soup and here are a few reasons why:

  • Soup is a warm comfort food
  • Soup can be homemade with only a little effort
  • Soup is versatile as your breakfast, lunch, or dinner
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7 Steps to Re-Set Your Career Path to Nutrition Science

Re-Set Career Sticky Notes

The more input, the better for a career path re-set to nutrition science.

Taking a new turn in your career path is usually hard. It’s hard because what you’re doing now is routine and comfortable. It’s hard because there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed. It’s hard because you might have trouble quieting down that little voice deep inside that doubts your motivation, focus, or energy to kick-start something new. And, that’s a little scary.

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Celebrating Healthier Holiday Meals!

Fall holiday foods

Make a healthy meal at holiday time!

Adding a nutritious twist to your holiday meal is truly the spirit of taking good care of yourself. Over the years, I’ve had a ton of fun in my kitchen with recipe re-do’s and a ton of fun at my meal table watching the reaction of my family and guests. One year at Thanksgiving, I totally changed up my sweet potatoes and everyone raved. Another year, I inserted some new veggies, and they got everyone talking. Even when we celebrate at my mother-in-law’s house, I make a lighter version of a favorite holiday recipe and, guess what? It disappears into everyone’s stomach. If you ask me, holiday traditional recipes are fine; but, re-makes of those same recipes that cut down on fat, salt, sugar, cream, and gravy are a tasty way to celebrate good health and good cheer. Knowing what foods to buy at the grocery store is important, too. Here’s a blog with 7 favorite holiday foods for your cart.

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Careers in Nutrition and Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer awareness

Healthy nutrition and exercise are great ways to prevent breast cancer!

Every October, we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a chance to honor our friends and relatives who have battled breast cancer as well as to create hope about how to prevent breast cancer. Nutrition professionals play an important role in educating everyone about prevention because of the strong connection between food choices and breast cancer. In fact, many nutrition professionals devote their entire careers to working with cancer prevention, including positions in non-profit agencies, cancer research labs, and the offices of primary care doctors. Check out these 5 steps for planning your nutrition science career.

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A Creative Vegetarian Lifestyle

salad tomatoes avocados

A cabbage salad topped with tomatoes and avocados is tasty & filling.

Vegetarian + Creative = Wow!

My opinion about leading a vegetarian lifestyle has changed a lot over the past 10 years. I used to think it was very restrictive and, honestly, boring. But, not anymore. I now consider what so many call ‘plant based nutrition’ to be an exciting, flavorful, and nutritious way to go. I do still eat meat occasionally and seafood quite a bit – but, I love filling up my plate with colorful raw and cooked vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, too. It is amazing how the flavors pop!

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A Career Change to Nutrition Science

Career change girl

Are you ready for a career change to Nutrition Science?

A Career Change to Nutrition Science

People end up in professions for lots of different reasons. In my case, I first thought I wanted to become a marine biologist, then possibly a nurse, and then I finally decided to become a nutrition scientist. I’m lucky because I know I made the right decision. The point is that it took years to figure it all out. I know other nutrition professionals who started out as journalists or fitness pros or medical technologists. The good news is that just about any first career can cross paths with nutrition science.

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Men in the Field of Nutrition

Young man

Men are a growing force in the field of nutrition.

Men in the Field of Nutrition

If you’re thinking about which profession you want to pursue, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself. One question might have to do with the ratio of men to women who will be working with you, side-by-side. Some professions are dominated by men, some are dominated by women, and some are about 50:50. The great thing is that what matters most is your passion, professional knowledge and skills. Gender is typically less important.

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Summer Fruits are Nutrition Superheroes and Easy Fruit Parfait Recipe

Summer Fruit Parfait

A summer parfait is fresh, tasty and good for you!

Summer Fruits are Nutrition Superheroes & Easy Fruit Parfait Recipe

If you’re like me, you look forward to the drippy, sweet, juicy fruits of summer.  They come in so many varieties from blackberries and blueberries to plums, peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, and even figs. I can’t imagine not loving fresh, summer fruits and eating them every day. Can you?

Nutrition Superheroes

If you look at the nutrient density of summer fruits, you will see why I call them superheroes. They give us fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthier carbohydrates. Mostly because of their antioxidants like vitamins A and C, summer fruits help reduce inflammation in our bodies. And, summer fruits help strengthen our immune systems, too. You can’t beat that if you want to feel great and keep your heart healthy.

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