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Nutrition science is a field with unique career options. Did you know that with a degree in this field, you can work as researcher, educator, consultant, writer, and of course, a nutritionist? Depending on your goals and interests, your job options are pretty flexible, and it is our goal to help you make an informed decision about the next step in your professional life. Earning a degree in nutrition science provides more than just the right credentials needed to find a job. You’ll also earn advanced standing when it comes to promotions and salary. Employers look for candidates who have the right academic background to really succeed in this field.

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So how can we help? We provide our readers with links to a variety of accredited degree programs at almost every education level. We also provide helpful articles and other resources that address a number of different topics related to the field of nutrition science. Financial aid, salary and career prospects, as well as other important topics are addressed here, too. So if you’re confident that nutrition science is the field for you, keep us bookmarked and visit us as often as needed to learn more about what it takes to earn your degree, find a job, and succeed.

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Our Site Blogger – Cindy Silver!

Cindy Silver

Cindy Silver

Cindy Silver is a dynamic, registered dietitian with degrees in Biology and Food Science & Nutrition. Her wide variety of professional experiences have enriched Cindy’s career. From college teaching to food service management to outpatient counseling to retail food leadership to nutrition education business owner, Cindy has embraced the excitement of an evolving food and nutrition field. Currently, she is the registered dietitian owner of Market Basket Nutrition in Winston-Salem, NC.

Cindy specializes in realistic, down-to-earth counseling and presenting, including her grocery store tours and grocery bag presentations which are unique and fun. Cindy loves to cook, garden, swim, and travel, and she lives with her husband and, for now, their son who is a new graduate of Appalachian State University in beautiful Boone, NC.

Connect with Cindy on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check out her website and sign up for her monthly ENewsletter which offers good nutrition tips and recipes, to inspired everyone!

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