Must-Bookmark Sites on Nutrition Science

100 Must-bookmark sites on nutrition science

Nutrition science careers are growing due to people realizing that proper nutrition can fend off disease and generally improve quality of life for people of all ages and demographics. Nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists, and biologists work together to understand the effects of different nutrition conditions on human bodies and lifestyles. Understanding the science behind human nutrition creates an opportunity to improve the health of entire populations, and the growing public interest in good nutrition means there has never been a better time to start studying this field.

From university nutrition research labs to academic journals to personal blogs by dietitians, there’s a great deal of material available online for anyone considering a nutrition science degree program. These sites are categorized for easy perusal, not listed in order of rank. Use the links below to quickly navigate to sections.

Blogs and Journals

While academic journals focus on publishing scientific research on specific aspects of nutrition, there are also newspaper-like and personal sites publishing anecdotal information and analysis, so that nutrition science information is accessible to people with any level of knowledge or interest.

  1. Journal of Human Nutrition and Food Science

    The internationally peer-reviewed Journal of Human Nutrition and Food Science looks at aspects such as food, nutrition, dietary intake, obesity, weight management, and even eating disorders on their engaging site. It’s published bi-monthly and touches on some of the most pressing issues
    Recently Covered Topic: Vitamin Supplements and Deficiencies

  2. Annual Review of Nutrition

    The Annual Review of Nutrition is a comprehensive source for analyzing the developments over the past year in nutrition and takes this information to tailor detailed reports of what to expect in the future as well. With wide-ranging coverage of the most pertinent issues, nutrition scientists should definitely check out this page.
    Recently Covered Topic: Effects of Vitamins on Health

  3. Journal of Nutritional Science

    The Journal of Nutritional Science is an online-only, peer-reviewed journal of research articles that touches on everything related to nutrition, specifically on how to study it and improve the field.
    Recently Covered Topic: Molecular Nutrition and Dietary Studies

  4. Advances in Nutrition

    Advances in Nutrition has all the information relating to developments in nutrition currently and details how they will affect people over the long term. The posts also explain the biology behind various foods and the importance of various compounds.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Composition

  5. Food Politics

    Marion Nestle has written numerous books on nutrition and has a wealth of experience in the field through her extensive work as a professor, making her blog, Food Politics, incredibly dense with useful material.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Research Guidelines

  6. Eat Drink Politics

    Eat Drink Politics advocates for policy reform pertaining to the foods we eat and how they’re marketed to us. One of the large problems in the food industry is that corporations are often able to dictate the foods available to us, which in turn promotes less healthy lifestyle. The site works with various groups to promote a healthier public.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Policy

  7. Nutrition Unplugged

    Nutrition Unplugged has all the latest news relating to nutrition from a registered dietician and nutrition journalist. The posts debunk nutrition myths, along with opinions on trends and new products.
    Recently Covered Topic: Health Trends

  8. Evolving Health

    Evolving Health was initially started as a way for the site’s author to build a stream of resources and articles and had come across during his graduate studies. With such a rich background in academia, the articles provide really great insight into some contemporary issues, while the writing style frames the issues in a way that maintains the reader’s attention.
    Recently Covered Topic: Social Implications of Foods

  9. JumpStartMD: Nutrition & Science

    JumpStartMD: Nutrition & Science posts interviews and news stories related to weight loss and its connection to improved nutrition. Additionally, they function as a weight loss clinic and help clients lead healthier lives.
    Recently Covered Topic: Amino Acid Supplements

  10. Food and Nutrition Sciences

    Food and Nutrition Sciences is a journal published monthly that also has special features on issues in nutrition to supplement regular issues. They focus on composition of various foods and detail chemical reactions caused by ingredients.
    Recently Covered Topic: Growth Performances and Metabolic Rates

  11. British Journal of Nutrition

    The British Journal of Nutrition focuses on applied sciences as relevant to nutrition. Nutrition scientists are strongly recommended to check out this publication, as it’s the leader in nutrition developments in the United Kingdom.
    Recently Covered Topic: Chemical Implications of Foods

  12. Calories in Context

    Calories in Context is run by Dylan Klein, the Head Nutritionist for Rutgers Football Team, who is currently pursuing his PhD. The articles are loaded with referential sources to supplement content and really elaborate on important nutritional issues.
    Recently Covered Topic: Living Healthier

  13. Fat Head

    Fat Head is a movie focused on detailing the truth when it comes to nutrition in the media and what we can do to further combat non-truths relating to how to live healthily. The site features great supplementary information that will be useful to anyone looking to further their knowledge on nutrition.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Facts with Empirical Support

  14. The Eating Academy

    The Eating Academy is a dense resource for nearly all facets of nutrition and the posts are charged with a sense of connectedness and a true desire to help others find a healthier lifestyle. The various sections of the blog touch on areas such as nutrition & health, weight loss, cholesterol, and more.
    Recently Covered Topic: Internal Food Breakdown

  15. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

    Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics is a publication that has the latest information on public health nutrition, as well as how to educate others on proper food choices. They also analyze behavioral aspects of appetite that nutritional scientists will find interesting.
    Recently Covered Topic: Impact of Dietary Restraints

  16. Popular Science: Nutrition

    Popular Science: Nutrition provides one of the most contemporary tones for discussing nutrition issues as they affect people overall. As one of the premier science magazines, Popular Science’s Nutrition section has a unique ability to reach a wide-ranging audience and educate them.
    Recently Covered Topic: Upcoming Food Trends

  17. Science Daily: Nutrition Research News

    Science Daily: Nutrition Research News is an integrative resource for finding the latest resources relating to nutrition research. They break all content down through the diseases they’re attempting to address, making it useful to nutritional scientists and epidemiologists.
    Recently Covered Topic: Vitamin Levels Relating to Brain Health

  18. Nutrition & Metabolism

    Nutrition & Metabolism is a journal that tries to make sense of diseases such as obesity and diabetes through research on the metabolism and gene interactions. This blog is highly recommended for active nutritional scientists and researchers.
    Recently Covered Topic: Biochemistry of Metabolism

  19. Nutrition Action Healthletter

    Nutrition Action Healthletter is an all-content, ad-free publication with over two million readers across North America. What makes the publication so successful is their commitment to top-notch nutritional information that has practical application for the average person.
    Recently Covered Topic: Cooking Healthy

  20. Toby Amidor Nutrition

    Toby Amidor Nutrition is the esteemed blog from Dietician Toby Amidor and covers the latest nutrition news, recipes, and even food safety advice. The site is designed for a consumer or someone looking to make lifestyle changes through nutritionally sound methods.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritious Recipe Advice

  21. Nutrition Science Blog

    Nutrition Science Blog writes primarily for health professionals, but the content is structured in a way that makes it accessible to others as well. By providing an engaging forum through which to discuss some of the latest issues in nutrition, they’re able to delve into some of the most unique content.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Research Trends

  22. Nutrition Lately

    Nutrition Lately is a nutrition blog detailing how consumers can more aptly make informed decisions when it comes to nutritional choices. The site keeps readers up to date with the latest nutritional developments.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Intolerance

  23. Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

    The Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences publishes research from across the field from nutrition scientists that work to publish original articles and content to educate the public.
    Recently Covered Topic: Effects of Foods on the Body

  24. Journal of the American College of Nutrition

    The Journal of the American College of Nutrition highlights how nutrition scientists can understand the nutritional importance and teach physicians and healthcare specialists to best apply the information.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritional Application in a Clinical Setting

  25. Understand Nutrition

    Understand Nutrition is run by a PhD student at North Carolina State University where he analyzes the relationship between diets and cancer. The site makes a great resource for someone wanting to live a better lifestyle by eating more healthily.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Education

  26. Nutrition Journal

    Nutrition Journal publishes manuscripts relating to human nutrition, particularly experimental studies that may not warrant replacing current procedures, but are nonetheless worthwhile to read.
    Recently Covered Topic: Chemical Concentrations in Water

  27. Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences

    The Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences discusses natural cures to common diseases and ailments. The articles often detail a nutrition-based approach to fixing deficiencies that may contribute to sickness.
    Recently Covered Topic: Biological Effects of Foods

  28. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism

    The Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism is an international journal that delves into the subjects of nutrition, metabolism, and other fields also relevant. They’re renowned for their nutritional news and their commentary on vitamins, minerals, and genetics.
    Recently Covered Topic: Biofunctional Compounds

  29. Current Nutrition & Food Science

    Current Nutrition & Food Science is a highly esteemed journal that aims for the utmost integrity articles that detail the forefront of nutrition today. While tailored exclusively towards nutrition and food scientists, the information can prove useful to those in academia as well.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Processing and Preservation Technologies

  30. Nutrition Research and Practice

    Nutrition Research and Practice is an open-access, peer reviewed journal is run by the Korean Nutrition Society and the Korean Society of Community Nutrition. They often cover broad topics within human nutrition and exercise.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition and Disease Management

  31. Notes & Theories blog + Nutrition

    The Notes & Theories blog + Nutrition is one of the strongest nutritional science sections on a major news publication. The posts typically detail specific areas of food, namely the notion of social factors influencing our nutritional decisions.
    Recently Covered Topic: Long Term Effects of Diets on Bodies

  32. The Science of Nutrition

    The Science of Nutrition is a blog that makes it easier to understand the chemistry behind common nutrition terms like “calorie” and “trans fat,” while also providing excellent breakdowns of recently published papers in nutrition science. This blog is a great read for people who want serious scientific information without plodding through reams of footnotes in an academic journal.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition, Pregnancy and Omega 3s

  33. The Journal of Nutrition

    The Journal of Nutrition was first published in 1928 and has been a pioneer in experimental nutrition research, critical reviews, as well as nutrition research workshops. Content is also pulled from leading nutrition conferences from around the world.
    Recently Covered Topic: Protein Quality

  34. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has a primary goal of improving quality of life through nutrition research and education. By keeping a focus on clinical settings, they’ve been able to foster a stable environment for developing breakthroughs in the field.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Ethics

  35. Universal Journal of Food and Nutrition Science

    The Universal Journal of Food and Nutrition Science is a publication with wide-ranging content that is incredibly useful for nutrition scientists and researchers. Their information on academic nutritional research trends makes it useful for college students entering the field as well.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Chemistry

  36. Clinical Nutrition

    Clinical Nutrition is the official journal of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, making it one of the best nutrition science resources in the world. Their depth is impressive, while also providing significant developments relating to the relationship between nutritional assessment and metabolic disturbances.
    Recently Covered Topic: Relationship of Diet and Stress Relating to Depression and Metabolic Significance

  37. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

    The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition is a peer-reviewed journal that details nutritional studies in a clinical setting. Their research is renowned for the interesting breakthroughs they’ve been able to achieve and is loaded with commentary on contemporary issues.
    Recently Covered Topic: Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes

  38. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

    Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition produces highly specialized articles on many matters, often providing an angle not previously viewed on an issue. Issues are published monthly, so they’re constantly up-to-date on happenings in the field.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Health Effects

  39. Washington Post Health & Science

    Health & Science from The Washington Post is a news source that constantly focuses on nutritional developments with information that primarily benefits consumers.
    Recently Covered Topic: Healthcare Issues

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National & Local Organizations

Many national organizations have taken up the cause of studying and understanding human nutrition. From the National Institutes of Health to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there is a great deal of publicly funded work being done in the field of nutrition science.


    Nutritiongov works ardently to allow the materials on their site to be open-access and easy to understand so that individuals will be best positioned to process the information.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Tips and Dietary Guidelines

  2. LEAF

    LEAF is focused on helping the Canadian foodservice reduce their impact on the environment and implement new procedures for making the food industry a more sustainable industry. They also work to promote the green restaurant industry, which has seen large amounts of growth in recent years.
    Recently Covered Topic: Green Suppliers and Farm-To-Table Initiatives

  3. National Association of Nutrition Professionals

    The National Association of Nutrition Professionals enforces standards and helps bring together professionals who work in nutrition. The site has all the tools one would need to get further engrained in the nutrition science community.
    Recently Covered Topic: Joining the Organization

  4. NIH Division of Nutrition Research Coordination

    The NIH Division of Nutrition Research Coordination helps educate on nutrition research issues and set up research training initiatives. The organization is critical in administering a wealth of resources regarding the promotion of nutrition research.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Database and Educational Tools

  5. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is tasked with approving products for consumers and functions as the regulatory body for standards, which include nutrition. Their site details new products deemed safe for the market.
    Recently Covered Topic: Biotechnology

  6. AHRQ Nutritional Research Series

    AHRQ Nutritional Research Series studies the practical application of nutrition research to the public. The site makes a great referential source as well due to their nutritional fact sheets.
    Recently Covered Topic: Vitamin Supplement Research

  7. USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center

    The USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center has been around since 1971 and is an information destination for researchers and consumers alike. They detail weight and obesity from a nutritional standpoint, along with food safety, dietary guidance, and more.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Assistance and Food Safety

  8. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the largest organization in the world when it comes to food and nutrition science professionals. The site categorizes content into ‘Public’ and ‘Health Professionals’, which makes it useful to anyone looking for more information on living healthier.
    Recently Covered Topic: Reducing Weight Through Eating More Nutritiously

  9. The Obesity Society

    The Obesity Society is the leading professional society dedicated to better understanding, preventing and treating obesity. Through research, education and advocacy, TOS is committed to improving the lives of those affected by the disease.
    Recently Covered Topic: Genetics and Birth Weight

  10. International Food Information Council Foundation

    The International Food Information Council Foundation has a wealth of educational tools on eating better and making healthier lifestyle choices through nutrition. Their ‘Hot Topics’ section details all the best information on need-to-know news pertaining to nutrition.
    Recently Covered Topic: Consumption Concerns

  11. The Nutrition Society

    The Nutrition Society is a highly regarded organization and is the largest society for nutrition in Europe. Posts typically discuss human and animal nutrition and they host regular meetings and events tied to these areas.
    Recently Covered Topic:

  12. American Society for Nutrition

    The American Society for Nutrition covers nutrition news, the application of nutrition science to society, and promotes the training of nutritionists across the country. They also manage a number of publications and assist with professional development and conferences.
    Recently Covered Topic: Clinical Nutrition

  13. Nutrition Science Initiative

    The Nutrition Science Initiative is a site that any nutrition scientist should check out. The organization has an objective agenda that allows for focusing on lasting change to how we frame nutrition in society and how to increase its effectiveness.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Science and Literature

  14. Scaling Up Nutrition

    Scaling Up Nutrition promotes efforts to eliminate malnutrition through policy advocacy and education. Their approaches are put into action through agriculture, sanitation, education, healthcare, and more.
    Recently Covered Topic: Micronutrient Supplementation

  15. Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals

    The Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals advocates for better nutrition standards from the perspective of those who work in the industry, to contrast those working in nutrition science. The site’s content aligns much more closely with the public and has a better use for those looking to inform themselves on issues.
    Recently Covered Topic: Roles in Nutrition Care

  16. The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science

    The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science focuses extensively on nutrition research and helps develop initiatives to combat over and under nutrition in developed and developing countries. They host a wealth of publications and programs nutrition scientists should use to further the reach of their work.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Policy Engagement

  17. National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity

    The National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity advocates on behalf of policies and programs that promote healthy eating, physical activity, and help reduce illnesses related to nutrition, which is still seeing a large increase in prevalence.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Labeling

  18. School Nutrition Association

    The School Nutrition Association is an important group that advocates for children across the country to have healthier, more adequate meals while in school. They detail the latest news and obstacles commonly faced.
    Recently Covered Topic: Keys to Good School Meals

  19. Graduate Nutrition organization

    The Graduate Nutrition Organization helps graduate students in the Nutritional Sciences department at Texas Tech University get together to discuss issues in the field and foster a sense of community among individuals in it.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritional Events

  20. American Nutrition Association

    The American Nutrition Association is a non-profit organization that promotes nutrition and wellness education for the sake of the best health possible. Additionally, they have a wonderful section for nutrition scientists and health professionals to utilize.
    Recently Covered Topic: Heart Disease

  21. International Nutrition Foundation

    The International Nutrition Foundation focuses on mobile nutrition support in developing countries and helps equip researchers with the resources to succeed. Since developing countries are often the most underserved in their need for nutrition support, this organization makes a big impact.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food and Nutrition Bulletin

  22. World Health Organization: Nutrition

    The World Health Organization: Nutrition page has an impressive scope for global nutrition issues and keeps users updated with the latest developments in the news, along with events and local seminars.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Guidance

  23. Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center (BHNRC)

    The Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center looks at the roles that foods have to humans and assesses the best course of action for implementing health standards. They also work to study the relationship between eating and factors that influence decisions that may be detrimental to one’s health.
    Recently Covered Topic: Social/Behavioral Dynamics


    DietaryGuidelinesgov is constantly releasing useful guides for individuals to better tailor their nutritional lifestyles around. Every 5 years, new dietary guidelines are released and generally functions as a useful overview of the industry.
    Recently Covered Topic: Health Communication

  25. Health and Nutrition: Online Services

    USAgovHealthandNutritionOnlineServices Health and Nutrition: Online Services is a leading source of healthcare resources touching on how to find local farmers markets, food safety issues, diet and nutrition questions, among other issues.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Safety

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Labs & Researchers

University research labs publish some of the most engaging material on nutrition science, and they’re typically on the cutting edge of research as well, so anyone with an academic interest in the field should check out the university labs doing the most reputable work.

  1. MD Anderson Center Nutrition Research Group

    MD Anderson Center Nutrition Research Group at the University of Texas works to study the causes, as well as prevention, of cancer through nutrition-based research. Since the site is such a multi-faceted resource, it has uses for those currently involved in research, as well as those just seeking more information on the field of nutrition science.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Research, Analysis, and Resources

  2. Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition

    The Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition delves into areas less commonly explored in nutrition to provide some of the most to-the-point content on these issues. Their studies give great information on why certain foods should be consumed more often than others, along with the latest biomedical research.
    Recently Covered Topic: Behavioral Epidemiology

  3. Stanford Nutrition Studies Research

    Stanford Nutrition Studies Research has all the proper resources to successfully analyze effects of various vitamins and foods on the human body. Their extensive research has been integral to the nutrition science field and is a worthwhile read.
    Recently Covered Topic: Dietary Antioxidants from Plants and other sources

  4. University of Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center

    The University of Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center helps advocate for those facing the unprecedented epidemic of obesity in today’s society. They analyze behavioral habits in animals, humans, and even molecules to best address the problem.
    Recently Covered Topic: Correlation Between Obesity and Diabetes

  5. Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre

    Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre looks at how dietary decisions affect individuals on a neurological level and explains why certain regulatory measures should be put in place to promote healthier lifestyles, rather than promote living unhealthily.
    Recently Covered Topic: Mental Performance

  6. Newcastle University Human Nutrition Research Centre (HNRC)

    The Newcastle University Human Nutrition Research Centre aims to improve public health through their research that works to detail the link between health and nutrition. They emphasize research on obesity and ageing in the context and nutrition.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Ethics

  7. Centre of Research Excellence in Translating Nutritional Science to Good Health

    The Centre of Research Excellence in Translating Nutritional Science to Good Health is part of the University of Adelaide in Australia and underlines how while we have had some of the largest breakthroughs in nutritional science in recent decades, but still see the general population getting relatively unhealthier. Through their research and studies, the center is able to begin to translate the research into worthwhile solutions.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritional Science

  8. Southwestern Medical Center for Human Nutrition

    The Southwestern Medical Center for Human Nutrition studies abnormal metabolism and how to prevent illness through consumption models. Their work underlines how to address things such as cancer and a supposed link to nutritional needs not being met.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Education and Training

  9. Nutritional Research Foundation

    The Nutritional Research Foundation helps analyze studies and research that looks at how nutritional interventions contribute to reducing autoimmune illnesses, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
    Recently Covered Topic: Hunger Addiction and Exercise

  10. Dole Nutrition Research Laboratory at the NC Research Campus

    The Dole Nutrition Research Laboratory at the NC Research Campus focuses on identifying and gauging the levels of various phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables. The facility also researches ways to enhance health benefits of its products by fulfilling research requests of various branches of Dole.
    Recently Covered Topic: Effects of Fruit and Vegetable Juice on Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

  11. Food and Nutrition Research

    Food and Nutrition Research has all the latest research on human nutrition, mostly focusing on broad topics. They study consumption patterns, molecular nutrition, and even some social research relating to nutrition in developing countries.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition and Cognitive Functions

  12. Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Nutrition Research

    The Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Nutrition Research is a comprehensive nutrition research institution and develops scientific data to detail the beneficial effects of various foods and compounds.
    Recently Covered Topic: Combatting Obesity and Diabetes

  13. MUSC Nutrition Research

    MUSC Nutrition Research does research primarily aimed at addressing growing nutrition concerns and how we can prevent disease through eating properly.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Education

  14. Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities

    The Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities is an institution developing models for understanding how various nutritional aspects come together and the implications in contexts such as political, physical, economic, and social structures.
    Recently Covered Topic: Dietary Guidelines

  15. Tufts University Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging

    Tufts University Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging examines the interesting relationship between nutrition and aging. Research details correlations of factors that show how effects of aging change our body’s nutritional needs.
    Recently Covered Topic: Macronutrient Intake

  16. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute delves into topics relating to nutrition today and how we can use research to get health back in line.
    Recently Covered Topic: Fruit Consumption and Effects on Memory

  17. Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology – U.C. Berkeley

    Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology – U.C. Berkeley engages in extensive research pertaining to molecular nutrition and how it can be used to shape programs and policies that promote more human safety and health.
    Recently Covered Topic: Enzyme Effects

  18. Danone Institute International

    The Danone Institute International is a wonderful resource for scientists, health professionals, and the general public alike. As a non-profit, they aim to develop useful knowledge on diets and nutrition that can be applied to everyday life.
    Recently Covered Topic: Children’s Nutrition

  19. Nutrition Innovation Lab

    Nutrition Innovation Lab researches social factors that can improve maternal and child nutrition in Asia and Africa. They also promote this research through programs in the region, as well as policy work.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritional Status of Married Women

  20. Glycemic Index Laboratories

    The Glycemic Index Laboratories conducts some of the most extensive blood glucose analyses in the country for identifying potential causes of diabetes and other diseases tied to blood glucose. The Senior Scientists who run the facility are regarded as some of the best in the world.
    Recently Covered Topic: Biomarkers in Glucose

  21. Mead Johnson Nutrition Research & Innovation

    Mead Johnson Nutrition Research & Innovation investigates how to improve health circumstances through nutrition. Their main focus is on pediatric nutrition and the implications a healthy youth has on one’s life.
    Recently Covered Topic: Healthy Growth and Development

  22. UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

    The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition functions as a beneficial education resource for nutrition science students. The center lets students understand their competencies and deficiencies when it comes to knowledge in the realm of nutrition.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritional Objectives

  23. UC Davis Department of Nutrition

    The UC Davis Department of Nutrition helps prospective nutritional scientists get information on what it’s like once in the field, as well as useful research tools. The school’s nutrition projects also allow students to immerse themselves in nutritional learning opportunities.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrient Supplements Project

  24. Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition

    The Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition is a research focused program for students who want to apply scientific methods across disciplines, from microbiology to toxicology, to understand human nutrition.
    Recently Covered Topic: Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

  25. Colorado State University Food Science & Human Nutrition Department

    The Colorado State University Food Science & Human Nutrition Research Department gives students the opportunity to examine the effects of good nutritional knowledge and practice at the community and societal levels.
    Recently Covered Topic: Physical Activity and Gross Motor Performance

  26. Medical Research Counsel Elsie Widdowson Laboratory

    MRC Human Nutrition Research drives research focused on addressing increasingly prevalent problems in obesity, muscoskeletal health, intestinal health, and nutritional inequalities. They work to keep the conversation of nutrition at the forefront of the national agenda, especially as nutrition-related problems are more recognized as an epidemic.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritional Biomarkers

  27. Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center (BNORC)

    The Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center is funded by some of the leading health organizations in the country and is composed of some leaders in research. By addressing shortcomings in nutrition that may be linked to obesity, BNORC is able to develop some leading theories to removing the large amounts of obesity in America.
    Recently Covered Topic: Epidemiology and Genetics

  28. UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center

    The UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center aims to reduce the number of individuals becoming obese in contemporary society and does research focused around metabolic, environmental, and genetic factors. The center is loaded with useful resources, ranging from coursework, to facilities, and nutritional news.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutritional Integrity

  29. New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center

    The New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center is a highly specialized facility that works to combat obesity and publishes studies that detail various aspects and causes. Additionally, they host conferences and a very impressive weight loss program.
    Recently Covered Topic: Pediatric Obesity

  30. Purdue University Nutrition Science

    Purdue University Nutrition Science showcases the research initiatives taking place at the school currently and how to apply this information aptly to everyday life. The site also provides useful research links on vitamins, cancer, and more.
    Recently Covered Topic: Appetite, Metabolism, and Obesity

  31. University of Reading Food and Nutritional Sciences

    The University of Reading Food and Nutritional Sciences focuses on three key aspects within nutritional science, namely human nutrition, food and bioprocessing sciences, and food microbial sciences. By having a scope refined to three specific issues, they’re positioned to address more concerns in the field.
    Recently Covered Topic: Biomelocular Nutrition Studies

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Additional Sites

We found several other sites that didn’t quite fit into any of the other categories, but they are still excellent resources for anyone interested in learning more about health and nutrition.

  1. Mark’s Daily Apple

    Mark’s Daily Apple roots losing weight, increasing energy, and gaining muscle all back to nutrition. The site is dense with useful reads and resources that explicate how to live a healthier life through nutrition.
    Recently Covered Topic: Food Preparation and Supplements

  2. Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts has all the information on the implications of various dietary lifestyles and how to improve one’s health through education.
    Recently Covered Topic: Harmful Food Additives

  3. Calories Proper

    Calories Proper is run by an obesity researcher named Bill who also analyzes inflammation and insulin resistance. He’s incredibly reliable when it comes to balancing energy and conveying an understanding relating to hormones and weight loss.
    Recently Covered Topic: Protein Analysis

  4. Alan’s Vault

    Alan’s Vault is run by health nutritionist Alan Aragon who is also the Nutrition Advisor for Men’s Magazine. The blog is loaded with posts useful for those who are physically active and looking to refine their diets for the sake of getting in better shape.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrient Timing

  5. Anthony Colpo

    Some of the best diet information is found here, as well as training and health information. The content on the site is useful because it discerns the truth from the pseudoscience often found in the news.
    Recently Covered Topic: Nutrition Pseudoscience

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