Men in the Field of Nutrition

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Men are a growing force in the field of nutrition.

If you’re thinking about which profession you want to pursue, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself. One question might have to do with the ratio of men to women who will be working with you, side-by-side. Some professions are dominated by men, some are dominated by women, and some are about 50:50. The great thing is that what matters most is your passion, professional knowledge and skills. Gender is typically less important.

Men Enter the Field

With its beginnings in Home Economics almost 100 years ago, the field of nutrition has historically been dominated by women. Since about a decade ago, changes have been happening and more men are entering the field of nutrition. This gender shift is a good thing for a variety of reasons, such as these:

  • A new career option for interested men is emerging
  • A new appreciation for the profession is building
  • A more gender-balanced professional group is serving the public better

Men Make an Impact on Public Health

What’s in it for men? By joining the field of nutrition, men today are having success with careers they never dreamed possible and they’re helping to improve public health. Men are specializing in weight management, diabetes, and long-term care counseling. They are becoming managers in big food companies, or small food companies, and driving change to better-for-you foods. Men are opening fitness/nutrition businesses and offering a one-stop-shop for honest advice about personal health and fitness. They are working with school children to promote good nutrition habits that last a lifetime.

Men Have Stories to Tell

Here are some real-life stories from men in the field of nutrition. By thinking about their career paths, you may get inspired to learn more about entering the field, too. A professional nutrition organization called The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) has many resources to help you become more informed on the road to career success.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Men in Dietetics Video: This video is made up of on-site interviews from 4 men who entered the field of nutrition. Their stories come from California, Washington, Illinois, and New Jersey. Their careers in nutrition include these:

  • University student food service manager & nutritional counselor
  • Nutritional counselor for military veterans
  • College professor
  • Nutrition educator and counselor for youth

Diverse Careers for Men in Dietetics: This article is from a monthly magazine called, Today’s Dietitian. It describes 6 men who chose the nutrition field for their careers. Their stories include personal success as:

  • College professor/dean
  • Nutrition counseling business owner
  • Book author
  • Radio show host
  • Fitness & nutrition business owner
  • Nutrition energy bar brand consultant

Here’s what Rick Hall from Arizona State University says in the above article. “…young men may look at nutrition as a woman’s career choice instead of recognizing it as a unique opportunity to break through a profession eager for diversity.”

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