7 Steps to Re-Set Your Career Path to Nutrition Science

Re-Set Career Sticky Notes

The more input, the better for a career path re-set to nutrition science.

Taking a new turn in your career path is usually hard. It’s hard because what you’re doing now is routine and comfortable. It’s hard because there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed. It’s hard because you might have trouble quieting down that little voice deep inside that doubts your motivation, focus, or energy to kick-start something new. And, that’s a little scary.

Here are 7 steps to think about as you get going down a new career path to nutrition science. Be bold and be fearless as you tell yourself, “I got this!”

7 Steps to Re-Set Your Career Path to Nutrition Science

  1. Look at Where You Are Now. To get somewhere new – like a career in nutrition science – it can be very helpful to think about where you are now. What’s working for you and what’s not? Get out a post-it notepad (like in the picture at the left) and jot down positives and negatives of your current job situation. Then, concentrate on the positives, of course.
  2. Take a Fresh Start. Think about the future instead of the past as you work toward a new career path. It really matters more about where you’re going than where you’ve been when a job change is on your horizon. Talk to your friends and take on a mentor – like a food scientist, food researcher, or dietitian – so you can start learning about the new career path you’re considering, in nutrition science.
  3. Dream Your Future. Daydream freely and brainstorm often since these will help you take a fair look at all your options, without allowing criticism to join in. Many successful people will say that if you can dream it, then you can do it. Thinking in food terms, a successful recipe for a dreaming session includes personal creativity, fun, and just you being you. Let your mind go and see where you end up. Remember to dream big first and then work on refining your dream job destination, little-by-little.
  4. Practice a Healthy Lifestyle Habit Every Day. Take 10, 30 or 60 minutes a day to make sure your physical and emotional health are well cared for. You may want to take a bike ride, practice yoga or join a Zumba or salsa dance class. When you stay active and make nutritious meals and snacks your norm, you’ll feel well and stay healthy.
  5. Think Positively. Start investing time and energy into a career re-set and then give yourself credit for taking small steps toward something better. A career switch to nutrition science is your chance to learn, meet new people, help others, and become a respected professional. All of this increases your chances to become more confident and productive, too, which is awesome.
  6. Use Your Network as a 2-Way Street. Get going with your people network as soon as you can. Reach out and offer genuine help to others as you take interest in what they do. Put away the idea that effective networking means being pushy, uncomfortable, and selfish, because it doesn’t. Flip that scenario and be curious, helpful, and interested about others you meet.
  7. Never Give Up! Tell yourself, “I got this!” as you re-set your career path. In nutrition science, the jobs and professionals are diverse. Take your time learning about all the options open to you and then focus your attention on what fits your personality, your dreams, and your overall life-balance goals. Go for it and never give up.

Which of the 7 steps above makes the most sense to you and why?