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A New Year of Networking

Networking with food

Networking about food and nutrition is a blast!

Networking Know-How
Yes! It’s time for a fresh, new outlook on networking as we enter a fresh New Year. Why? Because the rewards of networking are so worth it  – like, for example, making new friends, learning about something that interests you, and figuring out your next step toward a meaningful career.
So, what is networking? Well, one word definitions of the word, network, include link, connect, and interact. So, how does this relate to the New Year and to Nutrition Science? Here’s how: For many of us, the thought of networking is scary. Can you relate to being at an office party or professional conference mixer and feeling awkward or blanking on something to say? Or, with an important interview or presentation on the horizon, have you ever suddenly lost all your confidence, in spite of being totally prepared? Getting interested in a career within Nutrition Science will put you in a position to link, connect and interact. And, even if your networking is a bit awkward and scary at first, there are ways to overcome this. Here’s an article about how to learn to love networking.

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4 Problems That Can Be Treated With Food

When most people hear “nutrition science”, “nutritionist”, or “dietitian”, they typically assume these terms refer solely to dieting and weight loss. But the subject of nutrition science covers a broad range of topics and more narrowly defined specializations. It’s true that all nutritionists and dietitians know a great deal about weight loss, but there are tons of other aspects to good nutrition than just “dieting”. Some specializations in nutrition science include public or community health, sports nutrition, metabolic biochemistry, clinical nutrition, nutrition counseling for eating disorders, and food science. One thing many people don’t think about is the prescriptive power of proper nutrition to alleviate common health issues.

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